Beyond Requirements

Most requirements for open positions are written in haste and are filled in with repetitive material. Most requirements are dated by the time they reach the recruiting market. Some clients just want “another John Doe” just like the one placed last week. Akraya has developed a unique Beyond Requirements framework, with which we have delivered spectacular success in every engagement. It's our secret sauce, and here's the recipe:

The Project Details: As technology professionals, we understand the most complex of projects. We work with clients to truly understand the state of a project, its expected goals, and hence the talent required to achieve those goals. We are then able to reframe the recruitment process in to focus on the relevant details.

The Team Dynamic: Projects are run by people. While resumes are important, we think the people who will work together are more important. Familiarizing ourselves with the team dynamic gives us the ability to find a true team fit and to determine who in our pool will really complement the team well.

How We Work: Akraya taps into our proprietary network of consultants who have proven expertise. When the timing is right, our consultants can transition from one project to another seamlessly, once we have alerted clients to review their project timelines. To be honest, top-tier talent is rarely looking for new opportunities, but our world-class recruitment team can convince them to take the leap of faith with us.

How We Play: Trust is the virtue we value most highly in every client and consultant interaction. Today, most of our clients are repeatedly challenging us to meet the toughest of requirements, and they trust us to find top-tier talent every time. This comes with years of exceeding their expectations—not just meeting their requirements.

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