We crunch your data for breakfast.


The immense wealth of intelligence from dormant and disparate data silos is helping business stakeholders make crucial decisions in daily and long-term business goals. Business Intelligence (BI) tools have become important elements in assimilating data, extracting contextual information, and providing decision-making intelligence to enterprises.

AKRAYA has worked with global organizations in providing effective business intelligence solutions that have helped clients to:
  • Derive revenue growth
  • Reduce costs
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Respond to competitive threats

Our experience includes:
  • BI assessment: where we provide an outside review of your data silos, business intelligence capability and effectiveness, and suggestions to optimize them
  • BI migration: where our experts can help you identify the right BI tool and migrate your data silos to the chosen platform
  • BI performance management: where we cut through the noise and provide clarity in the intelligence required to make critical business decisions

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