Online Marketing

Clients today are required to provide a seamless customer experience across devices, where they should be able to converse with customers, analyze those conversations and provide relevant answers to help these customers make an informed decision.

Akraya works with a diverse portfolio of clients in internet commerce and social networks to build and deploy compelling marketing campaigns that provide end-users a rich, informative experience and in turn, higher conversions for the client.

Our services include:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media and Affililate Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Online Marketing management
  • Online Content
  • Online Product Management
  • Online PR

Brand Management & Planning

Competition is plenty and thriving, even while companies guard their marketing budgets strongly. Marketing has become a complexly challenging game today: markets are global, reaching them has become ubiquitous and thus the touch-points with customers have become numerous and even more complex.

Akraya helps clients to take projects from initial concept through launch with strategy and execution support ensuring a successful outcome.

Our services include:

  • Brand and Product Marketing
  • Advertising / Account Management
  • Events / Promotions
  • Marketing Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Direct / Database marketing
  • Marketing Management

Contact Us

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